Isle Of Wight lone wolf Angelina has found her own voice on her second album Last Cigarette. There’s still a thread to her country-blues-folk heroes (Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Blind Willie Johnson, Charley Patton) and her Vagabond Saint debut, but with a new confidence she ramped up her own band of outlaws (including Little Barrie on guitar) in smokey late-night recording sessions in a golden era studio on the edge of Queen Victoria’s IoW estate. A much tougher proposition – this one fizzes with anger and ferocity – her voodoo blues whipping up a hurricane in a Dustbowl of soul.

Named after a Dylan song and growing up with the blues, folk, country, gospel, jazz and rock ’n ’roll. Angelina taught herself to sing by listening to Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey and field recordings of country blues singers working on the land. Developing her own song-writing style inspired by the likes of Karen Dalton and Charlie Patton.

Angelina’s debut album took her to places beyond imagination. Visceral second coming Last Cigarette, sees the self-taught songwriter stride further from isolation, to embrace collaboration whilst embarking upon a deeply-cleansing journey through swampy voodoo blues and a wildly unchained vision. “Last Cigarette’s spark emerged from a vision of Bessie Smith roaring around on a burnt-out motorbike, in some God forsaken desperate town…” she reveals. “A place where you live by your wits, the streets are full of memories that burn your heart, gates swing on rusty hinges, you choke on diesel fumes and witness apparitions of jujitsu vigilante gangs riding the wall of death with balls of fire belching out of exhaust pipes.”

These songs have been stirring deep within, waiting for the right moment and have now awoken Angelina’s inner voice. Knowing her mind and living for music as seriously as her heroes, she is about to ‘Throw Petrol At The Sun’, and set it on fire

"2nd album from Howling Blues Queen mixing country and blues with gothic-road-hell house...Billie Holiday singing Johnny Cash"

"Blues moaner in the great tradition of Bessie and Ma... mesmeric”


“Splendidly abrasive...Janis Joplin’s vengeful ghost jamming with Canned Heat..growling hard and taking no prisoners”

Johnny Sharp - Uncut